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UV Blacklight Tattoo Inks – Awesome Things You Can Do With Them

So what is UV ink? It’s a special tattoo ink that only glows under ultraviolet light or blacklight. These special inks for black light tattoos contain chemicals that absorb the high energy UV rays for a few nanoseconds. Then the chemicals release the energy and the tattoo glows! There are many different colors of black light or UV reactive ink. For the titanium white color, in the absence of UV light, the tattoo can be completely transparent on light skin tones. Other colors are visible in any light but glow in black light!

Here are some cool examples I found over the web of what you could do with them:


Cross Tattoos Are Very Popular Tattoo Designs These Days

Cross Tattoos seem to be growing in popularity.  A few photos from around the web show many different styles of cross tattoos.  The cross tattoo with the UV Tattoo Ink really stands out under the black light.  A great use of black light tattoo ink.

celtic cross on rib cageceltic cross with hands holding a heartceltic cross with a roseceltic cross tattoo with blue knot

UV Tattoo Cross