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Tattoo Combination

A good option for those wanting a tribal design, yet also wanting some sort of modern design, or for those wanting a strong tattoo which combines various styles, can be to combine both modern and tribal into one tattoo. This can be done with equal emphasis, or with more emphasis on one style and less on the other.

Matter of fact many individuals have taken their existing tattoo’s and have elaborated on them by adding tribal design to the outsides. The tattoo becomes more pronounced and the tribal tattooing can serve as a sort of frame for the older tattoo.

This can be done with a more modern tattoo as well with great results. Take your modern design and envision it surrounded, or framed, by tribal. Have it drawn out to see how they work together. Pick a good design that will work well alongside the tribal design. And be sure to pick a large enough design. Heavy tribal designs can bury designs if there not large enough.

Or your design could be incorporate more tribal so it stands on it’s own, not just acting as an outer frame.

Generally it’s best to incorporate more modern design styles to tribal tattoos. Taking an old school tattoo and adding tribal doesn’t always work, and strays away from the strength of the traditional look. An nude lady old school sailor tat for instance, stands strong on it’s own. Mixing tribal in the mix could be a major mismatch. But you can try experimenting with different traditional styles and see if something does work for you personally.

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Scorpion Tribal Tattoos

There are many ways to show your Scorpion tribal tattoos, but one thing is for sure, you will find that if it is in a place where people can se it, they will make a comment. The Scorpion tattoos are unique and intriguing. You will have so many designs to choose from when you are selecting you tattoo that you might have a hard time deciding which one you want.

The Scorpion tribal tattoos come with many different colors as well. Not only can you choose one that a tattoo artist has in his book, you could also add some of your own colors. You can combine different designs and make something truly unique. It could be something that know one else will ever have.

The Scorpion tribal tattoos are placed anywhere on the body and are usually placed where they will be seen. You might even want to have more than one in different areas of the body.