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Cleanliness Is Not A Laughing Matter

When it comes to getting a tattoo, cleanliness is no laughing matter. Many may think it’s not that big of a deal to make sure the tattoo parlor or studio that you are using is following the proper health codes and using proper sterilizing equipment. This is no laughing matter. If a tattoo parlor or tattoo studio does not use to correct sterilizing equipment and does not follow the proper health codes you could very easily end up with HIV or hepatitis.

Well respected tattoo artists are urging people to be extra cautious when it comes to getting a tattoo. These extra precautions have been brought up because Zipp’s Tattoo parlour in Edmonton, was closed don due to unsanitary conditions. Also heath officials are encouraging anyone who got tattoo at this tattoo parlor to go out and get an HIV or hepatitis test immediately. Zipp’s Tattoo parlor was using unsterilized instruments, as well as not using enough  antiseptic and there was evidence of them giving tattoos to animals in the studio.

Tattoo artist urge tattoo seekers to evaluate the tattoo studio you are visiting and to ask questions about how they sterilize their equipment. Another no brainier is to make sure the tattoo artist is wearing some sort of disposable rubber glove. Another great tip to make sure they are using clean ink with you. Tattoo artist should pour a small amount of ink into a little cup to use for your tattoo session. Well respected tattoo artist also say to stay away from scratchers – people who give low-cost tattoos out of their homes. Not only can you not be certain about how clean their equipment is you may not be able to see how good of a job they do.

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Save Your Back – It’s The Only Flat Canvas You Have

When choosing a new tattoo I would like to propose that you think twice about getting the new piece on your back. Why not a back tattoo? Well there is a difference between a back tattoo, and a tattoo on your back. If you are thinking of getting more tattoos at a later date, you want to save your back since it is the only flat canvas your body provides.

Any tattoo that you get on your upper shoulders or even a tramp stamp will greatly limit any potential back tattoo. Full back tattoos usually run from the shoulders all the way down the back to below the ass cheeks, creating a stunning first impression and since it is a flat canvas the viewer is instantly drawn into the design.

Full back tattoos do however take a lot of time and dedication. Expect to sit anywhere from 20-100 hours depending on the intricacies of the selected tattoo design. Black and grey pieces will of course take much less time then a full color back tattoo, but to each his own.

There is always a chance that your existing tattoo might be able to be worked into a full back piece or even covered up. Certain things are not easy to work around like tribal designs, which may require you to get some laser work done before starting a full back piece.

I myself have made the mistake of getting a tattoo on my back before taking the time to think about what I really wanted there. I still haven’t decided on a back piece design but I can assure you once I do, my existing back tattoo will be covered so I can use the entire canvas.

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How to Pick the Right Tattoo for You

Picking a tattoo can be and should be a long process. This is a piece of art that will be on your body for the rest of your life.

An important thing you should know is that copying someone else’s exact tattoo, even one that you found online, is considered bad tattoo etiquette. Most people consider their tattoos to be an original work of art. Just like you are getting ready to do, they have spent weeks, sometimes months, deciding on and creating a design for their tattoo. After all of the hard work they put into creating something that was special and meaningful to them, having someone take a picture off the internet and get the exact same tattoo can make them feel a little bit violated.

All that being said, if you’re just not the artistic type and only have a vague idea of what you want, there are a couple different approaches you can take. The first is looking at what’s called Tattoo Flash Art. Flash is the sheets of tattoo designs that you see up on the wall or in notebooks in tattoo shops. These sheets of flash are created by tattoo artists specifically to be used over and over again. If you don’t mind the possibility of seeing the same tattoo on someone else, looking at flash is a good place to start.

But before you choose something that’s already been done before, take some time and give your creativity a chance to surprise you.

Even if you don’t feel like you have an artistic bone in your body, you really can still create something original. Begin by getting a sketchbook. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, having a place to gather your thoughts on paper can help to spark the creative process. You can write your thoughts, make sketches, and attach design ideas and pictures to the pages. You can get inspiration from anywhere – photographs of other tattoos, flash art, art books, fabric, etc. Open your mind to the possibilities of where you might get inspiration and let your creativity flow from there.

Once you begin to have some solid ideas of what you want, it’s time to start looking for a tattoo artist. Ask friends for recommendations. Keep in mind that above everything else, the hygiene and cleanliness of the shop is the most important thing. Visit several tattoo shops and look at samples of the artists’ work. Pay close attention to the quality of the lines, as well as the artistic elements of an artist’s tattoos.

Once you have chosen an artist that you want to work with, bring your sketchbook and show them your ideas and the important design elements that you want to include in your tattoo. Don’t be afraid to ask your artist questions about their work and ask for suggestions. Tattoo artists are true artists and they enjoy working with someone who appreciates their art. You and your artist will work together to create a tattoo design that is just the way you want it.

It’s been a long process and you’ve put a lot of work into it, but now you will have a tattoo that is not only original, but has special memories and meaning attached to it. It is truly an original work of art.

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How To Get Rid of an Unwanted Tattoo

There are several different methods for tattoo removal nowadays. In the late 1980’s laser treatments have become the most popular and it is still the best method to remove tattoos without any scars. Before laser treatment was used, one or more of the below explained removal methods had to be used for removal which were often painful and scar including surgeries.


This is a method where the skin is being “sanded” with a wire brush or diamond fraise, a type of sanding disc, to remove the surface layer (Epidermis) and also parts of the Dermis, the layer where the tattoo is imbedded. This process may leave scars.


A salt solution is used to remove the pigment. It is sometimes used in conjunction with dermabrasion, but has become less common.


In this method the area the tattoo was placed is frozen prior to it’s removal.


This was the most common method prior to laser surgery. A dermatologist removes the tattoo with a scalpel and closes the wound again with stitches. If larger tattoos had been involved, a skin graft had to be taken from another part of the body to cover up the removed area.


Involves removing the tattoo with an acid solution and creating a scar in its place.


Injections with new pigments either to form a new pattern or cover a tattoo with skin-toned pigments are used to cover the tattoo. Please note that injected pigments tend not to look natural because they lack the skin’s natural translucence.

This methods above are still used today in certain cases but laser surgery has become the standard treatment for tattoo removal. Laser treatments offer a bloodless, low risk, effective alternative with minimal side effects.