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Tattoo parlor tosses personal info

COOKEVILLE — A stack of papers thrown away at a garbage dump caught the attention of a concerned citizen recently, and now the police know about it, too.

“It was a bunch of papers blowing all over the place at the dump site, and I picked up some to see what they were,” said a Cookeville man. “It was where a tattoo business had thrown away records of people they had done business with.”

The papers were copies of release forms the tattoo business had required its clients to sign, giving their names, addresses, ages, dates of birth, description and location of their tattoos, their signatures — and even photo copies of their driver’s licenses.

The man who found the discarded papers could hardly believe that anyone would be so careless as to just toss people’s personal identification information out at a dump to blow around the grounds.

He took the time and trouble to contact some of the people and was amazed to learn that one of those whose information was on the discarded papers is the wife of a police officer.

That fact, as well as the whole specter of potential identity theft cases, got the attention of the Cookeville Police Department, and officers went to the dump site and gathered up the papers.

After further investigation, Capt. Nathan Honeycutt determined that the tattoo parlor named on the papers is no longer in business. He said the case is still under investigation.

“Most of all, we want to make sure that all businesses and individuals who are custodians of other people’s personal information know that they could face great civil liability and could end up paying a lot of money in cases like this if it resulted in someone’s identity being stolen,” Honeycutt said.

Business or other records containing that type of information should be shredded before being discarded, he said.

He said detectives will consult with the district attorney’s office about possible law violations in the case.

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Price ‘removes Andre tattoo from wrist’

Katie Price has reportedly removed a tattoo bearing her estranged husband Peter Andre’s name.

The model, who had Andre’s name inked on her wrist, has been photographed leaving a tattoo parlour in Ibiza with a bandage covering the area of the design.

According to the Daily Mail, witnesses believe that she could have had the moniker altered into a different pattern.

Price, 31, was seen getting the tattoo as a gift for Andre during an episode of their ITV2 reality show. The design also featured the name of their daughter Princess surrounded by hearts and a crown.

Andre also has a tattoo dedicated to his former partner in the form of her name inked on his ring finger.

The couple, who split in May, are currently on separate summer holidays. Yesterday, Price was seen shopping with friends on the holiday island, while Andre was photographed playing with Princess and son Junior, four, at his family’s home in Cyprus.

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A&E Tattoo Highway star offers free tattoo; Twitter him

Twitter freaks and tattoo lovers, hear ye, A&E and Tattoo Highway are offering up free Twitter tatts, the catch is you have to Twitter your request direct to Thomas Pendelton, the host of the show.

Twitter freaks and tattoo lovers, hear ye, A&E and Tattoo Highway are offering up free Twitter tatts, the catch is you have to Twitter your request direct to Thomas Pendelton, the host of the show.

The Iranian uprising over the elections is being Twittered by irate citizens protesting the results, and John Mayer is Twittering his thoughts from the nearest bathroom. Yes, Twitter is not a passing fad. People are so enamored with the social networking site that they are clamoring to tattoo their twitter names on their bodies.

Maybe even Jesus_H_Christ will want his name tattooed on his neck.

Thomas Pendelton, tattoo artist and the star of A&E’s “Tattoo Highway” reality TV series (A&E, Wednesdays at 10PM), recently offered to tattoo a twitter user’s handle free of charge.

After extending the proposal to his Twitter followers, a tidal wave of tweets and emails from tattoo-crazy fans wanting to permanently brand themselves with their Twitter handle washed over him.

Pendelton will narrow the field of would-be twits for tat-tweeters by making them jump through a couple of hoops:

1. Follow @ThomasPendelton on Twitter (
2. Tweet @ThomasPendelton with Hash Tag #A&EWed10 stating why (and where!) you want your Twitter handle permanently inked onto your body
3. Tweet about this, and have your friends chime in on your behalf using that #A&EWed10 hash tag. Feel free to share a photo along with your request.

Thomas will tweet about the lucky follower who will get inked before the next episode of Tattoo Highway airs this Wednesday on A&E at 10pm.

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Most Commom Tattoo Myths

Just with anything in the world myths get born about certain people, places, procedures, life in general and tattoo are no exception to that either. There are several tattoo myths out there that need to be debunked. People need to be properly infomred of the truths about these myths and that some of them are complete hogwash.

1. The number one myth is that tattoos hurt. While this is true, some people hype it up to make people think it’s like giving child birth. The bottom line is, tattoos do hurt some and you will experience some level of discomfort but its nothing like having a child.

2. Tattoos bleed a lot. This is true and false. You will expereince some bleeding when getting a tattoo. However, the outline of the tattoo should rarely bleed, the shading of the tat is what bleeds and it will only bleed up to 5 or 10 minutes. Once you leave the shop your tattoo will have stopped bleeding.

3. The tattoo needle that is used is a single needle. This is false. Tattoo guns come with needles that are  clustered together and soldered in to groups of odd numbers:  3, 5, 7, etc.

4. Old tattoos turn blue. This is false, However, if you received a tattoo in the 50’s or 60’s you may experience this. Tattoo ink has improved greatly since then. Your tattoo will not turn blue.

5. Lighter color ink hurts more. This is a misconcpetion. Lighter color ink does not hurt more. The reason people beleive this is because the lighter colors are often applied last when the skin is the most sensitive.

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Misspelled Tattoos… Again

One of the worst things that could happen to a person getting a tattoo is realizing that afterwards the tattoo is misspelled. Nine time out of ten there is nothing that can be done to fix that tattoo, so you end up having to live with it or you have to choice of trying to cover it up. This is why it is so important to follow the spell check rule before getting a tattoo. First make sure you know the correct spelling and as silly as it sounds make sure your tattoo artist know the correct spelling. But following these simply steps it should ensure that you will not receive a misspelled tattoo. However, it will more than likely turn into a nice conversation piece and you will probably learn to laugh about it later in life. Well it seems that regular people are not immune the the misspelled tattoo fortune. Many high profile celebrities have fallen victim to this as well.

Hero’s star Hayden Panettiere has recently been showing off a new tattoo that is on her side. It reads “vivere senza rimipianti” which is Italian for “to live with no regrets” well the sad thing is rimipianti was spelled with an extra “i”. It is probably a safe bet that she does regret that. Also mega hot soccer star, David Beckham has a misspelled tattoo of his wife’s name. What David wanted was Victoria” in Sanskrit What He Got was something totally different. He got ”Vihctoria” in Sanskrit. Pop star Britney Spears wanted the Chines character for “Mysterious”, what she got was the Chinese character Strange”. Lastly, Rihanna wanted “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” in Sanskrit and she got “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” misspelled in Sanskrit.

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Owner of New Port Richey tattoo parlor dies after shooting

NEW PORT RICHEY – The owner of a New Port Richey tattoo shop died Wednesday, a day after he was shot outside his business, police said.

Clint Wilson, 40, was shot near Cherry Bomb Tattoos, 7618 U.S. 19, at 11:35 p.m. Tuesday. Police found him on the ground in the north parking lot of the business bleeding from the upper body.

Wilson was pronounced dead Wednesday afternoon at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, New Port Richey police Capt. Jeff Harington said.

Police have not made any arrests in case but have been following leads around the clock, Harrington said.

“It could be a motivational act or just an opportunistic act. We’re just following the evidence,” Harrington said.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Detective Jason Engel at (727) 841-4553, ext. 129, or the police department at (727) 816-1130.

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Hudson wanted to be a tattoo artist

Jennifer Hudson wanted to be a tattoo artist.

The Spotlight singer would have opted for a very different career if she hadn’t made it as a singer and actress.

She said: “My second choice was to be a tattoo artist because I also draw.”

But the 27-year-old star – who came sixth in TV talent show American Idol in 2004 – said she was tempted into the music industry because it paid better than flipping burgers.

She explained to US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: “When I was 17-years-old, I worked at Burger King and I found that I was making more money singing one show – $75 at the time. I thought it was a lot of money so I decided, ‘I’m quitting this Burger King. I’m going to make my living using my talents and gifts’.”

Hudson – who is engaged to David Otunga – has set a date for her upcoming wedding, but is remaining tight-lipped about the details.

She said: “Yeah, but it’s a secret. I can’t tell anybody.”

Despite being a pop star and Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer – who is about to embark on her first headline tour on March 31 – insists she and David are just like any normal couple.

She said: “We’re like big kids so we like to ride bikes and one thing I like to do is I put my dog in her little basket and put her on my back and then we ride the bike to the dog park.”

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Tattoos Are Appealing To More And More Teenagers

There is denying that the popularity of tattoos has grown tremendously over the last decade or so. In  fact a  recent study that was conducted and conculded  that at least 40% of people from the age of 18 to 40 had at least one tattoo. With a vast majority of these people being teenagers. What was also found was that more and more teenagers are taking in account that tattoos are forever and are putting a lot of thought and consideration into picking out their tattoo design.

However, the resoing behind these teenagers wanting to get tattoos is more so to fit in or look cool to their peers. It has been reported that a large number of teenagers get tattoo to impress friends or to fit into a crowd. These are obviously the wrong reasons to get a tattoo. A tattoo is a form of self-expression and should be gotten only for the person that is getting that tattoo and no one else. Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commiment. Getting a tattoo to fit into a crowd in high school or college are all the wrong reasons.

On the flip the same number if not more teenagers are realzing the seroiusness of tattoos and are being more responsible with their tattoo designs and more importnantly the location of the tattoo. It seems that teenagers now a days know the importance of getting a good job and they are aware that good paying  jobs don’t like for their empoyees to have visible tattoos. So all in all it seems that teenagers these days are not as “dumb” as a lot of adults think they are when it comes to tattoos.

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Tattoo Artist Gets Creative With His Money Making Scheme

Down on his luck and with debts piling up, a tattoo artist from the German town of Coesfeld, racked his brain for a creative money-making scheme. Unfortunately, Thomas Tanriverdi’s plan to sell ad space on his bald scalp went to his head.

Tanriverdi was hoping to rake in a whopping 50,000 euros ($65,700) from a bidder wanting to tattoo an ad on his pate — that would have been enough money to pay off all his debts in one fell swoop.

Imagine his disappointment then, when after the first few days of bidding on a large online auction Web site, the highest offer was a sobering 355 euros. But rather than give up on his hare-brained scheme, Tanriverdi decided to downsize and aim for the considerably more modest sum of 500 euros for anyone willing to advertise on his head for a year. After all, he reasoned, it’s not a totally untested market.

“Others have, with bravura, auctioned their skin for advertising purposes,” the 30-year-old said.

In order to boost interest in his “product,” Tanriverdi has now embellished his auction offer with a photo. The words “Your ad here” adorn an image of his shiny bald head.

It’s pretty much the only space he had to offer. The rest of Tanriverdi’s body is already decorated with over 30 tattoos, including a massive spider’s web spreading over his neck.

But what kind of client is he hoping to attract?

“I don’t mind what they want to put on there, as long as it’s in earnest,” he said. Up to now, the most interest has come from Internet shops and — not surprisingly — tattoo companies.

Customers looking for a bargain may want to take advantage of the price scale Tanriverdi has cleverly worked out. For 500 euros, he’ll wear a tattoo on his head for a year. Starting from 4,000 euros, his scalp can be yours for three years. And anyone willing to spring for 18,000 euros or more can own the space until the end of Tanriverdi’s life.

But a dermatologist at the University Hospital in Muenster has thrown a wrench in the works, warning that tattooing one’s head with the intention of removing the artwork by laser and tattooing anew is not only painful, it’s stupid.

What do you think? In this day and age where money is tight, it’s not actually the worst idea. But then again, said dermatologist DOES have a point when it comes to the whole removal issue.

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Tattoo and Music

‘Songs are powerful. They drive our lives, our moods and our hearts.’ All those music fans out there surely understand what it means. Passion for music or anything can make people go crazy. Meet music and tattoo fan, which has got this tattoo to express her true love for music.