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Angelina Gets A New Tattoo

Angelina Jolie has a new tattoo, and no one else seems to have noticed.

When Jolie walked the red carpet in Cannes in an asymmetrical backless dress with partner Brad Pitt, the crowds went crazy and photographers zoomed in for shots of the well-documented Khmer script on her left shoulder blade and the tiger on her lower back, two of her many well-documented tattoos.

But perhaps her best known is the six lines on her left arm with the longitudes and latitudes of the birthplaces of each of her children. Those six lines, existing on skin where an almost-gone tattoo tribute to ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton used to dominate, are now partially framed by curving lines that form a right angle.

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Joel Madden’s Tattoos too offensive for a British Airways flight!

It sounds really weird, but it did happen. Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden wasn’t allowed to board a British airways flight from London to Lisbon by an employee, just because of the tattoos on his arms. And the irony was that he actually put a shirt on to cover up the tattoos because he didn’t want to miss the flight in any case. After this weird incident, a representative from the airline said…

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Hudson wanted to be a tattoo artist

Jennifer Hudson wanted to be a tattoo artist.

The Spotlight singer would have opted for a very different career if she hadn’t made it as a singer and actress.

She said: “My second choice was to be a tattoo artist because I also draw.”

But the 27-year-old star – who came sixth in TV talent show American Idol in 2004 – said she was tempted into the music industry because it paid better than flipping burgers.

She explained to US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: “When I was 17-years-old, I worked at Burger King and I found that I was making more money singing one show – $75 at the time. I thought it was a lot of money so I decided, ‘I’m quitting this Burger King. I’m going to make my living using my talents and gifts’.”

Hudson – who is engaged to David Otunga – has set a date for her upcoming wedding, but is remaining tight-lipped about the details.

She said: “Yeah, but it’s a secret. I can’t tell anybody.”

Despite being a pop star and Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer – who is about to embark on her first headline tour on March 31 – insists she and David are just like any normal couple.

She said: “We’re like big kids so we like to ride bikes and one thing I like to do is I put my dog in her little basket and put her on my back and then we ride the bike to the dog park.”

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