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Tattoo Care – Tattoo Color Fading

When you first got your new tattoo, it’s beautiful. The colors are vibrant thre outlines are clean and crisp. But as time passes, the become drab and the colors and shades are not as bright as they used to be. Why do tattoos fade?

The most common cause of fading in tattoos is exposure to ultraviolet rays. When UV rays from the sun hit your tattoo, over time, the colors will fade. Thats why if you care about preserving your tattoo, pick a place thats not directly prone to sun exposure. You may also want to get an experienced artist. The less experienced you artist is, the sooner your tattoo will likely to fade. Thats because experienced artists know how to apply tattoo pigments or inks better and will ensure less fading. And try to use high quality inks that proves to last longer and stay looking great for longer period of time. Also take care of your skin and protect your tattoo the same time.


Tattoo Designs – Sleeve Tattoos or Tattoo Sleeves

Sleeve tattoos are really becoming the next big thing. Whats so special about them? Well basically a sleeve tattoo or tattoo sleeve is a very large tattoo or a bunch of smaller tattoos covering entirely¬† or most of a person’s arm, usually from shoulder to wrist. Tattoos that cover only a portion of the arm, usually above the elbow, but can also be found below the elbow are called “half-sleeves” or “quarter-sleeves” tattoos.

Tattoo Sleeves are actually a collaboration between a tattoo artist and a customer to demonstrate a personal and unified artistic

theme. Check out these wicked tattoo sleeve or sleeve tattoo designs I have found over the net.

sleeve tattoo2full tattoo sleeveSleeve Tattoo