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Starter Tattoo Kits and Supplies at Joker Tattoo Supply

starter tattoo kits

Joker Tattoo Supply offers starter tattoo kits for the apprentice to professional tattoo kits for the seasoned pro.














Joker Tattoo Supply offers starter tattoo kits for the apprentice as well as professional tattoo kits for the seasoned professional.
Check out all the best tattoo kits no matter what your level.  IF you are a new apprentice, please stick to practice skins and work
on your drawing techniques.  Following a professional tattoo artist in the industry is the best and safest way to learn the art of tattooing.
Be sure to check out the Joker Tattoo Kit 1, a perfect starter tattoo kit for the beginner apprentice.
This tattoo kit features:

  • 1 Tattoo Machine (Can be tuned as a Liner or Shader)
  • Dual Machine Digital Power Supply
  • Foot Pedal
  • Clip Cord
  • 5 pack of Tattoo Needles
  • 5 pack of Disposable Tubes with comfortable rubber grips
  • 50 pack of Grommets
  • 50 pack of Needle Nipples
  • 50 pack of O-Rings
  • 100 pack of Rubber Bands
  • 100 pack of Medium size Ink Cups
  • Ink Cup Holder
  • Pint of Green Soap
  • FREE Tattoo Flash Lettering Guide
  • Bloodline Tattoo Ink 14 Color Set in 1oz. Bottles (Amazing Ink! You’ll Love It.)


Looking for an Angel Wings Costume?

Check out all the angel wings at Joker Tattoo Supplies.  Tons of colors and variety
to make your angel wings costume perfect!  Handmade angel wings, crafted by
the same people who have made the famous Victoria’s Secret® angel wings.

angel wiings costume at Joker Tattoo Supply

Angel Wings at Joker Tattoo Supply. Perfect angel wings costume for your next tattoo convention


Tattoo Needles On Sale at Joker Tattoo Supplies

It’s a good time to stock up on tattoo needles, since Joker Tattoo Supply is having a
summer sale on all their tattoo needles.  20% off and these needles are guaranteed to be free
from burs and defects.
They offer pre-made tattoo needles in Standard, BugPin and Textured finishes, all
sterilized using Ethylene Oxide Gas and individually wrapped in blister packs.
Made of the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel.  Check them out on their site,
Joker Tattoo Supplies & their world famous tattoo needles!