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Tatoo Tattoo: Physics Tattoo

Some tattoos are sexy, and some are just flat out creepy—but I’m not sure what to think about the Born Oppenheimer Approximation, 3-D Schroedinger Equation and Schroendinger Equation’s solution tattooed on this dude’s back.

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Most Commom Tattoo Myths

Just with anything in the world myths get born about certain people, places, procedures, life in general and tattoo are no exception to that either. There are several tattoo myths out there that need to be debunked. People need to be properly infomred of the truths about these myths and that some of them are complete hogwash.

1. The number one myth is that tattoos hurt. While this is true, some people hype it up to make people think it’s like giving child birth. The bottom line is, tattoos do hurt some and you will experience some level of discomfort but its nothing like having a child.

2. Tattoos bleed a lot. This is true and false. You will expereince some bleeding when getting a tattoo. However, the outline of the tattoo should rarely bleed, the shading of the tat is what bleeds and it will only bleed up to 5 or 10 minutes. Once you leave the shop your tattoo will have stopped bleeding.

3. The tattoo needle that is used is a single needle. This is false. Tattoo guns come with needles that are  clustered together and soldered in to groups of odd numbers:  3, 5, 7, etc.

4. Old tattoos turn blue. This is false, However, if you received a tattoo in the 50’s or 60’s you may experience this. Tattoo ink has improved greatly since then. Your tattoo will not turn blue.

5. Lighter color ink hurts more. This is a misconcpetion. Lighter color ink does not hurt more. The reason people beleive this is because the lighter colors are often applied last when the skin is the most sensitive.

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Misspelled Tattoos… Again

One of the worst things that could happen to a person getting a tattoo is realizing that afterwards the tattoo is misspelled. Nine time out of ten there is nothing that can be done to fix that tattoo, so you end up having to live with it or you have to choice of trying to cover it up. This is why it is so important to follow the spell check rule before getting a tattoo. First make sure you know the correct spelling and as silly as it sounds make sure your tattoo artist know the correct spelling. But following these simply steps it should ensure that you will not receive a misspelled tattoo. However, it will more than likely turn into a nice conversation piece and you will probably learn to laugh about it later in life. Well it seems that regular people are not immune the the misspelled tattoo fortune. Many high profile celebrities have fallen victim to this as well.

Hero’s star Hayden Panettiere has recently been showing off a new tattoo that is on her side. It reads “vivere senza rimipianti” which is Italian for “to live with no regrets” well the sad thing is rimipianti was spelled with an extra “i”. It is probably a safe bet that she does regret that. Also mega hot soccer star, David Beckham has a misspelled tattoo of his wife’s name. What David wanted was Victoria” in Sanskrit What He Got was something totally different. He got ”Vihctoria” in Sanskrit. Pop star Britney Spears wanted the Chines character for “Mysterious”, what she got was the Chinese character Strange”. Lastly, Rihanna wanted “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” in Sanskrit and she got “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” misspelled in Sanskrit.

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Tattoo Parlor Owners Suing City for Discrimination

TEMPE – Two people who want to open a tattoo parlor in Tempe are taking the city to court.

The owners of a building on Scottsdale Rd in Tempe had already started renovating the building, when the Tempe City Council revoked their permit. Citing discrimination, the owners are suing the city.

Tom and Elizabeth Preston got a permit from the city to open the tattoo parlor two years ago.

“We thought we were good. We went ahead and signed the lease and started spending all the money, got all the things taken care of that we needed to,” says Tom Preston.

The couple spent $30,000 remodeling the place, but when a neighborhood association complained, the city revoked the permit.

Tempe assistant city attorney Cathy Bowman says the city has nothing against tattoo parlors. She says the problem is that this strip mall already has an adult video store, liquor store and bail bond business. The city doesn’t want a cluster of adult-oriented businesses in one place.

“It doesn’t have to do so much with the fact that this is a tattoo business, other than the fact that it’s one more business restricted to people 18 and older,” says Bowman.

“We don’t sell liquor, we don’t bail people out of jail and we don’t sell adult novelties, so I don’t understand why they try to categorize us like that. It’s not fair,” says Preston.

The store where the Prestons’ were going to build is vacant. They say if the judge rules in their favor, they want to open their parlor in the same location.

The decision is expected to be made Tuesday.

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Cream To Help Tattoo’s Be Less Painful

The number one question that is asked when someone hears the word tattoo or sees a tattoo, is does it hurt? Of course the answer to that is yes. Well if you don’t have a very high pain tolerance but really want a tattoo you maybe looking for some alternatives or something to help numb the pain of a tattoo. If you have looked for and found any kind of cream that promises to numb the pain of tattooing you might want to read the rest of this article before you go out and buy it.

First of all the whole idea of getting a tattoo is enduring the pain that comes along with it. It is truly part of the tattooing experience. However, if you are very concerned about the pain you might try Emla Cream which is suppose to numb your skin up to 30 to 45 minutes. The problem with that is you have to apply it 30 minutes before you get a tattoo and it might not last the whole time you are getting tattooed. Also it has been reported from some tattoo artist that have had customers use this particualr cream, that after the cream wears off the pain, and throbbing sensation that comes is worse than the actually pain and discomfort from getting a tattoo. If that’s not enough to deter you from this cream, some tattoo artist say that it can create problems with them administrating the tattoo because the tattoo ink can react with the cream on your skin.

The moral of the story is if you can’t take the pain than maybe you shouldn’t be getting the tattoo. As it is stated above the pain is all part of the tattoo experience.

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How To Become a Tattoo Artist

It seems that with the popularity of tattoos and the potential for high income, a lot of people want to become a tattoo artist. Many of them make the mistake of buying a kit and practicing on their friends, which is very dangerous. Many of these people never become truly successful at tattooing anyway, and never acquire the skills necessary to compete in this highly competitive business. If you’re serious about becoming a skilled and competent artist, this is what you need to do.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: 1-5 Years

Here’s How:

  1. The first thing you need is raw talent. Someone who can’t draw or color inside the lines isn’t going to be a good candidate for being a tattoo artist.
  2. Then you need to hone your raw talent to develop talent into skill. Skill can come from fine art classes, working with a fellow artist, learning technique from books, or all of the above. On top of that, you need to practice, practice, practice.
  3. Once you’re a competent artist on paper, you’ll need to build a portfolio. A portfolio is a case or binder containing examples of your art, to show your different skills.
  4. The next thing you need is an apprenticeship. An apprentice is someone who learns a skill from someone else already skilled in the trade. Sometimes an apprenticeship can be free, but many times they cost thousands of dollars. You will need to find a way to save or acquire the money needed for your training.
  5. Then you need to find an apprenticeship – but not just any apprenticeship – you need to find the right one for you. One with a master you feel you can truly learn from – not someone just offering apprenticeships to make money. Getting an apprenticeship can be a challenge, so I recommend you read How to Get an Apprenticeship to learn more specifically what you need to do.
  6. In addition to needing money for your apprenticeship, you will also need to be able to sustain yourself during training. Unless you are independently wealthy, you’ll need to hold down a regular job at the same time you are serving your apprenticeship. You will not be earning money in the shop during your training.
  7. Once you are an apprentice, you will learn many skills from your teacher, most of them having nothing to do with actual drawing. You will learn how to safely clean your equipment, how to operate a tattoo machine, how to adjust your power supply, how to protect yourself and your clients from disease, and last but not least – how to correctly apply a tattoo. This can take many months to learn completely.
  8. During your time as an apprentice, you will continue to practice and hone your drawing skills. You are not limited to only gaining knowledge from your teacher – you may also have the opportunity to spend time learning from other artists as well. Getting tattooed is a good way to watch and learn the techniques of other master tattoo artists.
  9. There’s no formal graduation from an apprenticeship. Generally, the teacher decides when the student is ready to venture off on their own. Sometimes a contract was signed at the beginning of the apprenticeship, and the terms will vary. But as long as you are not under contract to continue for a certain length of time or prevented from working for a competing shop, you can decide to stretch your wings when you feel you have learned all you can from your teacher.
  10. No matter how long you apprentice or how long you tattoo, you never know it all. There is always more to learn, new techniques to adopt, new ways to enhance what has already been done. Never be satisfied with mediocrity, and never allow yourself to become egotistical.

What You Need:

  • Talent and Skill
  • A Portfolio
  • Humility & Passion
  • Money & a Regular Job
  • Drive & Determination
  • Persistance & Perseverence

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Featured Tattoo: Culinary art – Passion for cooking !

For some foodies, simply eating or preparing food is just not enough. Having their favorite foods or kitchen accessories inked on their bodies seems to be the way to go. Food tattoos are becoming widely popular, and range from meat and cutlery to delicious desserts and other gadgetry. These tattoos are really amazing and is the best way to express love for the culinary art.

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The Claim: Tattoos Can Increase the Risk of Skin Cancer.

As more and more Americans tattoo their bodies, some have wondered whether there may be a hidden risk (other than the risk of regretting the tattoo a few years down the road).

Many inks are made with metals; blue, for example, contains cobalt and aluminum, and red may contain mercury sulfide. That, along with the fact that tattooing can be traumatizing to the skin, prompted suspicion that tattoos might lead to skin cancer. Studies in recent years have documented a few cases of cancer at a tattoo site.

But Dr. Ariel Ostad, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, says that does not mean the tattoo caused the cancer. Indeed, he said, the ink is unlikely to do any harm because it is confined to cells in the skin called macrophages, whose job is to absorb foreign material.

More likely, he said, the tattoo was placed on an existing mole, making any changes in the mole hard to spot. Several case studies have dealt with melanomas that were overlooked because they arose from moles hidden by tattoos. Dr. Ostad says he is often asked whether tattoos can lead to cancer, and the answer “is unequivocally no.”

“But people should know that they should always leave a rim of healthy skin around a pre-existing mole.”


There is no evidence that tattoos lead to skin cancer.

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Joel Madden’s Tattoos too offensive for a British Airways flight!

It sounds really weird, but it did happen. Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden wasn’t allowed to board a British airways flight from London to Lisbon by an employee, just because of the tattoos on his arms. And the irony was that he actually put a shirt on to cover up the tattoos because he didn’t want to miss the flight in any case. After this weird incident, a representative from the airline said…

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