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Stallone Tattoos

Yup, you got it right: Sly Stallone showing a portrait of his wife, Jennifer Flavin, designed by Mike Devries. And another more recent picture of his tats on the right (done by Marco Cerretelli) and left (done by Kore Flatmo) shoulder area. Stallone is also one of the leading endorsers of Skin Candy tattoo ink.


Joker Tattoo Compact Power Supplies

The Joker Tattoo compact power supplies are just 5 3/4″ in length, 3 1/4″ wide, 1 3/8″ in height. Fine tune ten turn potentiometer with a knob lock. DC output from 1.5 to 18 volts and is 2 amps. Comes in Silver, Blue or Red. Clipcord and footswitch included.  These power supplies really rock, and they are currently on SALE!
Joker Tattoo mini power supplyCheck them out at


A Story Behind Every Tattoo

One of the most interesting things about tattoos is that no two people have the same story or reason why they got their tattoo. Except when two people agrees to go get the same tattoo together as a bonding experience.

More often than not, the story behind the tattoo is just as interesting as the tattoo itself. A lot of tattoo artists admit that very few people get a tattoo just for the purpose of having one. You are maybe wondering how people have a certain tattoo on them even if it doesn’t make any sense. But once you here the story why they got that tattoo design in the first place, you will understand why they have it.That is why you shouldn’t judge people and their tattoos because you never know why they got it and what it means to them.

Skull Tattoo Design on Black InkPhoto: Awesome skull tattoo designof a guy done in black, white and skin tone colored tattoo inks and tribal piercings.


Tattoo Machines: Building a Tattoo Gun

Ever wondered if you could make your own tattoo machine or tattoo gun? Here’s a video of how to assemble a home-made traditional tattoo machine. These may not be as secure and dependable as a professional hand-crafted  tattoo machines but its still interesting to know how the anatomy of a traditional tattoo machine and how these machines work from putting together the screws to clipping in the power supply.


Obama Tattoo Designs

President-elect Barack Obama’s face is appearing on T-shirts, buttons posters– but now he’s showing up on skin.
It seems that Obama tattoo hype is really getting popular, from temporary campaign tattoos to the permanent one. I guess our new president will not be against tattoos.
Heres a few pictures from all over the web, in plain black outline ink,and some in beautiful shading.


Slick Dragon Design Tattoo by Chris Garver

Chris Garver shows some real slick japanese dragon design on one of his clients. Chris Garver uses Skin Candy Tattoo ink on his line of work.


UV Blacklight Tattoo Inks – Awesome Things You Can Do With Them

So what is UV ink? It’s a special tattoo ink that only glows under ultraviolet light or blacklight. These special inks for black light tattoos contain chemicals that absorb the high energy UV rays for a few nanoseconds. Then the chemicals release the energy and the tattoo glows! There are many different colors of black light or UV reactive ink. For the titanium white color, in the absence of UV light, the tattoo can be completely transparent on light skin tones. Other colors are visible in any light but glow in black light!

Here are some cool examples I found over the web of what you could do with them:


Choosing Tattoo Inks

Tattoo inks are the substance that a tattoo machine places under your skin that leaves you with a permanent mark. Although its commonly called ink — it’s actually pigment which generally contain metal salts or even plastics, suspended in a carrier solution which keeps the pigments evenly mixed and easily applicable.

Some tattoo artists mix their own ink, although most buy it pre-mixed. A typical “home made” carrier solution might be a mix of a small bottle full of vodka or Listerine, etc. with a little glycerin and propylene glycol (which if improperly used, can cause the ink to separate making an uneven mixture and ruining your work) mixed into a slurry with the dry pigments.

Other common carrier components both in home made and some commercial tattoo inks include toxic substances such as anti-freeze, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde which can cause complications and reactions to your skin. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stick to trusted tattoo inks which are proven and recommended by most professional tattoo artists around the world.36 set Skin Candy Tattoo Ink


Sexy lower back tattoo designs and Tailbone Tattoo Designs

Why are lower back and tailbone tattoo designs so popular? Simply put, they are fun, cute and sexy. Women can hide these tattoos and can be easily shown when needed. Be it a simple star tattoo design, tribal designs in black ink, or flower tattoo designs in rose pink color, lower back tattoos are designed to have a magnetizing effect on the crowd.