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Feminine Tattoos – A Video Gallery Of Female Tattoos

The beautiful female figure adorned with great tattoo ink can make for some serious eye candy. It’s almost an overload of so many great things to look at. Enjoy the video…
Feminine Tattoos – Gallery Of Female Tattoos


Tamper Proof Medical Strip For Tattoo Ink Bottles – 1st of it’s kind

It looks like Skin Candy Tattoo Ink has brought another innovative product to the tattoo industry. The first tamper proof medical strip seal for tattoo ink. Watch the video below and you’ll see a photo of the new medical strip sealed tattoo ink bottles. Great idea Skin Candy.


Cross Tattoos Are Very Popular Tattoo Designs These Days

Cross Tattoos seem to be growing in popularity.  A few photos from around the web show many different styles of cross tattoos.  The cross tattoo with the UV Tattoo Ink really stands out under the black light.  A great use of black light tattoo ink.

celtic cross on rib cageceltic cross with hands holding a heartceltic cross with a roseceltic cross tattoo with blue knot

UV Tattoo Cross


Tattoo Artist Jason Dunn Talks About Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is important. The following video was provided by Tattoo Artist Jason Dunn. Be sure to check out his blog and online gallery.


News From Joker Tattoo Supplies – Dringenberg Machines

Our inside source has mentioned that new Dringenberg Tattoo Machines have arrived over at Joker Tattoo Supplies! The P3 Liner and Shader machines that are used by tattoo artists like Chris Garver and Kat Von D are on the shelf, ready for delivery. These machines are hard to come by, and it looks like this new batch will be moving quickly as well. With the tattoo industry experiencing many new great artists, the need for quality tattoo machines has never been greater.